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Understanding the importance of working on global inclusion to become more competitive energized the most advanced companies in 2016. This year, they’ve started engaging their sales&marketing force to reveal the impact of unconscious bias and prejudices on business development. “The customer is king”, but what do you do when the king is blind? What do you do when the customer doesn’t speak the local language? What do you do when the customer is ill and can’t get to your offices, branches or stores? What if the product is placed too high? Customer experience consists of many touchpoints where we realize how much some potential or actual clients are excluded from doing business with you. Some of the moments of truth are digital accessibility of your tools for everyone, multilingual services, the lack of prejudices in assessing the purchasing power of clients, product and service development, home delivery, the lack of jargon in brochures and manuals and inclusion of all kinds of families in offers and images. This is all great, but how to do it? Listening to specific categories of clients is just one way to redesign the customer experience in a positive way.

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