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It’s quite easy to publish a statement about D&I in a website or a corporate newsletter. By now, many companies understand that working on a D&I program is not just a PR activity. So, they’ve started launching several projects to implement programs aimed at changing the corporate culture.

These projects sometimes look fragmented and rudderless. Employees often consider that these activities have nothing to connect the dots. These D&I projects risk being like oases in the desert of the everyday employee experience. To make sense of the D&I initiatives, an analysis of the entire employee experience can help the HR department to transform these initiatives into everyday experiences for applicants and newly-hired and long-time employees. The moments of truth are the selection interview, the induction process, the employment experience, the work environment management, the performance and reward management system, the training and development activities, the personal needs management and the retirement process. Learning programs will be launched in 2017 to help managers to be aware of their biases and prejudices.

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