The English release of my book: “Global Inclusion”

By admin on September 11, 2015 in Global Inclusion, Initiatives, Latest initiatives

The English release of my book “Global Inclusion” has been published.

Inclusion and innovation are the new recipe for growing. A global outlook encourages the best companies to see inclusion as the new fundamental competitive leverage not just for survival, but also for successful innovation. The numbers speak for themselves. These days, markets reward the open companies that successfully combine ethics and financial performance. In my book Global Inclusion based on my own personal experience, I explore the new strategies adopted by companies to highlight and take advantage of the uniqueness of their employees’ talents and to fight conformism. I use case studies to tell the story of those Italian companies that adopted this strategy by promoting GLBT inclusion to create a fertile and authentic work environment for everybody. I present the practices of IKEA, IBM, Microsoft, Barilla, Deutsch Bank, Telecom Italia, Johnson&Johnson, Clifford Chance, Citi, Consoft Sistemi, Lexellent, Lilly, Roche, Linklaters, Costa, Newton and others.

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