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Do you have brown eyes? How tall are you? Are you short? Are you a little fat? What if a company you really want to work for never hires short, brown-eyed, fat people for “public image” issues? Physical appearance is just one of the reasons why a talented person can be excluded from a job. To tackle this issue, it’s essential to train the selection HR community and all the line managers involved in the hiring process about unconscious biases and prejudices. Lots of research has demonstrated that the length of the interview depends on the physical appearance of the candidate. Skin colour, weight, height and attractiveness often impact on the selection process more than talent, skills and creativity. Interviewers are often not aware of it, and when they have to choose among candidates, they tend to appreciate those who fit their self-image. Challenging this mirror effect is one of the most important activities to implement a D&I program in a company.

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