Each individual is unique. Embracing diversity is essential for promoting creativity and innovation in academic, social and corporate environments. We have to ask ourselves what we should do to create conditions favorable for the development of all individuals. Because of prejudice or discrimination, some people are given fewer opportunities in life and they have to put more effort into making people understand their value and creativity.
I designed and delivered the Massive Online Open Course “Embracing Diversity” launched by Politecnico di Milano. The course is available on the Polimi Open Knowledge platform POK.
The course is part of project IN2IT  Internationalization by Innovative Technology and involves several European and Israeli partners. The Politecnico di Milano modules focus on gender and sexual diversity.
This program is aimed at understanding why gender and sexual diversity drives innovation and generates new energy, what the roots of biases and stereotypes are, what practical solutions we can use to promote inclusion of women and LGBT people in the academic, social and corporate environments. This MOOC consists of videos, quizzes and activities. All these tools will help you develop knowledge and competence about biological sex, gender identity and sexual orientation. We will also report the cases of businesses that have decided to apply this strategy in promoting the inclusion of women and LGBT people to create a fertile, authentic work environment for everyone. To understand these practices we will meet two associations that successfully initiated an effort to alter conscious and unconscious biases in Italian culture. Finally, the course presents a bibliography about gender and sexuality.
Discover the rich dimensions of diversity that make up each individual and the opportunities you have to work for inclusion. Follow the “Gender and Sexuality” modules of our “Embracing diversity” MOOC.

Registrations here: https://www.pok.polimi.it/courses/course-v1:Polimi+ED101+2017_M7/about

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