With plenary sessions, creative hubs and panels with business leaders, “Global Inclusion – Generations without Borders” discussed the topic of inclusion in a range of perspectives, from technology to sustainability and from global citizenship to innovation. The audience was made up of young people, experts, students, and rising stars in businesses, organisations and institutions, all sharing their approaches to best practice in inclusivity and promoting a creative and positive approach to the future.

Creative hubs included “The Filter Cage” – which used algorithms to work on unconscious bias, “The Matrix Oracle” – gamification based on the values of awareness, curiosity and information, “The Echo Chamber” – a role-playing scenario around the “happy debate”, based on the values of discussion and diversity of opinion and perspective, “Get There” – an interactive game that reveals our unconscious bias, “Reading in the Dark” – reading texts dedicated to art. 3 of the Italian Constitution, and “My Words and I” – a collaborative effort with Psicodizione.

The first panel was “Beyond the Boundaries of Alpha Culture”, in which the topic of discussion was cognitive diversity, the ability to constantly question our own stereotypes, and the wealth of perspectives in support of innovation.

The panel “Becoming Citizens of the World” was inspired by one of the 2030 Global Agenda goals: educating towards global citizenship, while the panel “The Purity Myth: The Profit and Non-Profit Alliance” focused on the integration of skills between businesses and organisations. The final two panels focused on “Inclusive Education in Businesses”, discussing ways to create a more inclusive and balanced company, and, finally, “The Service of Inclusion: Putting Clients and Colleagues First”, understanding how to generate a corporate culture that is able to make every day a new and positive experience for staff, clients and stakeholders.